Hai Ku is founded by the visual artists Eivind H. Natvig and Elisabeth Brun. Brun and Natvig decided in 2022 to join forces in order to work in the expanded field.

Brun & Natvig have over the last 20 years worked extensively in photography, film, TV and video. Both have developed their practices towards the artistic, traversing genre and format.

Hai Ku AS is local in its focus, but international in its scope. It highlights ecological, existential or/and mediapolitical issues arising in Sub-Arctic Norway which has resonances in other parts of the world. The collective operates intermedially, which means that it is idea/research driven, and uses many types of mediums as tools for its artistic investigations.

Brun & Natvig´s artistic collaboration has a preference for the pensive, the brief, the weathered, the textured, the moving, the still, the elemental, the experimental. Hai Ku produces documentary-based art: film, photography  text and installation, as well as larger collaborative artistic projects.